Cheat Sheet


Just follow this link– Great resource for folks who need a quick response “on the spot.”

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4 Comments on “Cheat Sheet”

  1. Timmy Says:


    As I normally do, I copy and paste Gene’s posts/comments in a Word document to see how long they are (for curiosity sake). This one measures up to a meager 18 words.

    Is this really Gene? Has someone hijacked SBF and posting under Gene’s name???

    Just kidding around Gene! But then again, I do think this is the shortest post you have ever made.

  2. Kim Says:

    Thanks for sharing! This is good.


  3. scripturesearcher2 Says:

    Gene Bridges never disappoints!

  4. JD Longmire Says:

    did you happen to notice the link at the top of the page? (caveat that this leads to adult level sensitive image!)

    I think a verbal description might have done just as well…

    anyway – just a “heads up”

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