Dr. Morris Chapman on SBC President

For the benefit of our SBC readers, here’s an excellent article on the nomination for SBC President by Dr. Morris Chapman.


As I stated in the last article I wrote on this, addressng Dr. Ronnie Floyd’s nomination, my personal overriding concern for the SBC isn’t so much who is elected as it is the election process itself. There are 43,000 churches and 16.4 million members (assuming that they all show up to church; if we go by attendance, the SBC is about 1/3 to 1/2 that size), why do the same personalities keep rotating in and out of office on the boards? Why do SBC presidents and prominent pastors wind up as executives of agencies? Why does the SBC need a megachurch pastor as President every year? Why do Paige Patterson, Johnny Hunt, and Bailey Smith have to give a public nomination to the candidate? If the “Battle for the Bible” is truly over, then why are the elections in the SBC just slightly more free than the elections in Cuba? Is this a function of SBC denominational structure? The SBC is organized very much like the Old South; in the Old South, the political machine often gave its imprimatur. Is this a similar phenomenon, or is there more to it? What about conflicts of interest? Even the wives have been affected. Look at the schedule for the wives’ events this coming SBC; almost all the same names that are speaking in workshops at the Pastor’s Conference have wives who have planned and are hosting the wives’ conference. Those that aren’t are closely associated with those who are, and all of these are close to or directly in the Inner Circle, including Ronnie Floyd and his wife. If another candidate or candidates for President is nominated from the floor, it is extremely doubtful he will have the kind of visibility in Greensboro as Ronnie Floyd and even Mrs. Floyd! That’s like having a massive convention where the candidates for US president are all present but only one gets to speak to the people. That’s a big no-no in the world, and here the SBC seems to be going down a path even the world recognizes is unfair. These things should not be, and that goes for whoever is on the ballot, not just Ronnie Floyd.

Read Dr. Morris Chapman’s article. It is most insightful. He used to be SBC President himself. He knows what he’s saying.

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9 Comments on “Dr. Morris Chapman on SBC President”

  1. Scripture Searcher Says:

    Dr. Morris Chapman is a very wise man whose opinions in this (and other) matters need to be considered by other leaders, including seminary
    presidents, professors – and all our SBC agency heads.

  2. Timmy Says:

    Having been out for the past couple of days, I am slow to catch up on the recent developments concerning the SBC presidency. I am really encouraged to see someone of Dr. Chapman’s stature speak out. I don’t know the SBC president has to be propped up by the “kingmakers” and their endorsements. If they truly are worthy of the position (regardless of the presumed qualifications of pastoring a megachurch or served on some executive committee), then their life and integrity should speak for itself.

    I find it really ironic that doing some inquiry in the church one pastors, his understanding of the gospel, and his ministry is seen as something bad. It is as though we should just take the endorsements at face value and ignore anything substantive. If there is nothing to hide, then why be so down on those who want to get the know the “nominee” a little better? Anyone who runs for public office should be available for public consideration and not receive a blind pass. Bloggers who research one’s CP giving should not be castigated for doing so, and bloggers who express legitimate concerns should not have their questions unanswered, even if it means you actually giving a frank and honest answer. It will be a good day in the SBC when we can think more like Jesus than a lobbyist.

  3. Rob Stanley Says:

    Dr. Chapman is 100% correct! Why don’t other “Christian, spiritual and evangelicals” follow Biblical wisdom like this, rather then a worldly model.
    If Ronnie Floyd is the best Christian for the job of President of the SBC, God have mercy on us. I guess if lack of humility, accountablility, and SERVANT leadership, are high on the list of qualifications for President, then he is your man. Lord, please give your sheep wisdom.
    Rob Stanley
    Fayetteville, AR

  4. I think that you have made some serious mistakes in your assumptions and analysis. I hope you will check out my thoughts regarding Chapman’s comments that are found on my blog.

  5. Timmy Says:


    I just came from addressing the exact same statement you left on my blog (Provocations and Pantings). It looks at though you are copying and pasting this on every blog that has referred to what Dr. Chapman has said. If you have something to say in response to the post, then by all means please say it. But please do not come over here and leave a generic promotion and tag for us to read your blog. Rather, interact with what Gene has said (whether you are agree or not) and dialogue with us. We are totally welcoming to those who would think differently or disagree with what we have said, but we are not down with a copy-and-paste self-promotional. Thanks for commenting, and we hope to see you around!

  6. Gene Says:


    A. You did not leave a URL for you blog. How can anybody interact with what you say.

    B. I checked the URL that you gave when you signed in here is invalid.

    C. Linking to your name above gives a 404 file not found message.

    D. We have rules here. Read “Rules of Engagement” and “About Us” for the rules. One of them is that you cannot argue by assertion, you have interact with what is said here.

    E. I asked questions. I did not make many assertions. It is therefore difficult to see exactly how you can say I have made serious mistakes in my assumptions, when I have merely asked questions.

    F. I haven’t made assumptions. I have made arguments.What unwarranted assumptions have I made? The SBC President is generally selected from the same pool of individuals each year. This same group is planning the Pastor’s Conference, the Wives Meetings, and is generally included in the Bailey Smith Real Evangelism Rallies. This is not an assumption, it is a fact.

    There are a number of past SBC presidents and prominent Movement Conservative pastors who have ended up as agency heads. These include Paige Patterson, O.S. Hawkins, Jimmy Draper, and Morris Chapman. This is not an assumption, it is a fact.

    Johnny Hunt, Paige Patterson, and Bailey Smith have been giving their endorsements to their candidates for many years. This year, when Hunt was first nominated, Patterson and Smith stood behind him in a photo. Hunt and Patterson have publicly endorsed Ronnie Floyd. This is not an assumption it is a fact.

    There are 43,000 churches in the SBC and 16.4 members on the roll. Will anybody seriously argue that the same persons are not elected repeatedly? It is an indisputable fact that trustees frequently rotate off of one board only to serve on another and another. Husbands and wives also serve on boards, though they differ on boards, and the same time. In my home church, there are half a dozen staff members who are currrently on different SBC boards. This only contributes to the perception that there are have’s and have not’s in the SBC. This is not an assumption, it is a fact.

    It is no secret that one of the reasons Frank Page declined to run (but later reconsidered) is that he received phone calls that said that if he ran it would “divide the Convention.” We have received hits at this website from FBCS Arkansas and FBC Woodstock. I have contacted some of the other Baptist blogs, and they say the same. These are not assumptions, they are facts. It seems those concerned that “their” candidate is being “attacked” are watching the blogs for any information they can find. I stand by what I stated, the elections are increasingly seen as being “fixed.”

    I stand in good company in this, for many movement Conservatives feel the same way, including Morris Chapman and C.J. Bordeaux. I suspect Jimmy Draper and Jim Henry agree as well. It seems Frank Page agrees too. Are we all making unwarranted assumptions? If so, then by all means tell us what they are.

  7. Timmy Says:

    I would like to make an assumption Gene if I have the liberty to do so. My assumption is that Kevin did not read your post but simply copied and pasted his comment onto the blog (as he did mine). He did not interact with your post but simply drafted a generic comment which he hoped would appear as addressing the post made. If had read your post, he would realize that you made no such assumptions. But that’s just my assumption. 🙂

  8. Stephen Ake Says:

    I found Kevin Stilley’s blog via his identical comment that he posted on Timmy’s blog, through his Blogger profile. It looks like the blog actually does exist, as he made a one-letter typo in the URL in his comment earlier.
    Here is the correct URL for his blog:

  9. I apologize if I in some manner broke Blogosphere etiquette. I was specifically addressing Gene’s statement that Chapman’s statement was most insightful and Rob Stanley’s comments which were immediately above mine. I actually thought that I was being polite by not taking up a lot of space with comments that I had made elsewhere, but I see how my intentions could be misunderstood. I apologize if I was not more specific.

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