Ergun Caner Has A Blog

HT: The Calvinist Gadfly.

This is worthy of coming off my vacation for a quickie:

Now, that you’ve read the title and spewed your morning coffee onto your monitor, probably chuckling a tad…

No, I am not kidding…
Notice, he even has a Calvinism section. This oughta be interesting.

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15 Comments on “Ergun Caner Has A Blog”

  1. Sam Hughey Says:

    It would be even more interesting if one can find a place to subscribe so blogging can begin. Perhaps it is still under construction.

    Sam Hughey

  2. Peter Says:

    Wow Sam, I see the analyzing has already started.

  3. Gene Says:

    I believe that began when he and his brother came over to Founders to rough up on them Calvinists.

  4. Peter Says:

    I truly hope that there was no moment of disappointing disinterest and a quick click of the ‘Back’ button on your web browser when you saw his first blog entry.

  5. It’ll be interesting to see how many of our comments are deleted or “bulldogged” into obfuscation. I’ll probably not post comments on his blog as it would probably be a waste of time given his child-like behavior with Drs. White and Ascol. However, it may be smart to put the hook out there to see if he’ll make his way in our direction. We certainly won’t delete anything he’s got to say!

  6. Tim Says:

    Just to note, I have posted a comment regarding that first post of Ergun’s on my blog. He took that Arminian jab right at the end when he said, “I repented of my sin, and was liberated by Christ’s mercy (in that order, by the way).”

    Ah! Ignorance is bliss I guess:)

  7. Stephen Ake Says:

    I looked at his blog, and it doesn’t look like it is even possible to leave comments. He may be afraid of the backlash that he will get from people on the Calvinism vs. Arminianism issue, and he’s just disabled them altogether, so visitors to his site don’t see any Biblical arguments for reformed theology on his site in the blog comments.

    Does that mean that he knows he can’t refute them?

  8. Sam Hughey Says:

    Peter, when one creates a public blog one should expect a public and critical analysis of what one blogs, especially if one is Ergun Caner. So, yes the analysis has begun of a blog which has a sign-in but no place to register in order to sign-in, unless, of course, the blog is not yet ready to receive comments.

    Tim, I wonder how an unbeliever repents of the sin of unbelief with a dead heart, being an enemy of the cross, unable to know the truth of the gospel, and while one is still an unbeliever still committing the sin of unbelief?

    Sam Hughey

  9. Tim Says:


    He simply can’t. It is impossible…….but, with God all things are possible:)

  10. Gordan Says:

    Judging from the first blog entry at the site in question, we can all anticipate finding out what Ergun ate for breakfast in days and weeks to come. Yay!

  11. Angel Says:

    I thought it amusing that the title of the blog is “thoughts from Ergun Caner”…and there isn’t much.

  12. Sam Hughey Says:

    Ergun Caner Has A Blog! Not anymore, at least for now.

    Sam Hughey

  13. Stephen Ake Says:

    Not only that, but it looks like a routine visit to reveals a “This Web site is coming soon” page…

    Maybe he was trying to redesign his site and ran into some problems…or maybe he just pulled a BaptistFire…who knows?

  14. Stephen Ake Says:

    As of now – it looks like his main site is back online, but he’s still got some noticable problems with VBscript (and ASP.NET) not working properly (or at all) on his blog. I’ll bet he’s trying to figure out how to fix this currently – and his site should be back up fairly soon.

  15. Nathan Says:

    I wonder if he is doing this on purpose so he can look at all the Calvinist websites to see what were saying ;0)

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