Upcoming Calvinism Debate!

Debate Theme: Who Controls Salvation?

Resolved: God is monergistic in the salvation of sinners.

Affirmed: Dustin S. Segers

Denied: Brody Cobb

Where and When: At www.unchainedradio.com on 8-8-06 from 8-10 p.m. EST

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9 Comments on “Upcoming Calvinism Debate!”

  1. Paige Patterson stated, “I see no biblical evidence for Irresistable Grace.” Hugh?

    See post at http://christopherredman.blogspot.com



  2. Allan Says:

    PS… Nathan… I do know what Synergism means I just can’t stand being placed or labeled by someone who doesn’t know the whole of my views because at some points they match in the definition and then it diverges at others.

    And still no I am not a Synergist.

  3. Timmy Says:


    Could you tell us a little about Brody Cobb? My hunch is that many of us have no idea who this guy is (including me). By the way, your debate thesis actually makes sense. It’s good thing you are not having to play the middle school games Tom Ascol and James White are having to put up with!

  4. Brody Cobb is a five-point Arminian that was interviewed on Pastor Gene Cook Jr.’s weekly “The Narrow Mind” webstream at http://www.unchainedradio.com. He is a student and friend of Arminian Steven Gregg (www.narrowpath.com). Interestly enough, when interviewed on the infidelguy.com (by the infamous Reggie Finley and his wife Amber), Steve basically had no problem with calling those that hold to open theism “Christians” and he said that he believed that some of the open theist’s arguments were very, very strong in regards to God not knowing the future. I’m not sure where Brody stands on this, we’ll have to see!.

  5. J.D. Says:

    I’ve marked my calendar – can’t wait!

  6. Fred Butler Says:

    With all due respect to you and Brody, I heard his interview with Gene and though he came across as a nice guy, he seemed as though he wasn’t too informed about his own beliefs, let alone Calvinism. He was certainly amiable, with his “Ahh, shucks, I love ya Gene, but bless your heart you’re wrong…” attitude, but he only raised the same, stale standard objections we all have heard thousands of times already: “What about all the “all” passages?”; “Are you saying God created evil?” etc. And even then, he wasn’t completely clued in to what Calvinism teaches on those subjects to begin with. He reminded me of some of the folks back at my old Church in Arkansas who had maybe second or third hand misinformation about the doctrines of Grace.

    I will certainly listen to the debate, but I am afraid this is going to be nothing but a pig pile on the Arminian and you certainly don’t want to come across as a bully beating on a tomato can. I am thinking along the lines of Mike Tyson and Tommy Morrison.


  7. Nathan White Says:

    Tyson and Morrison? Well naturally, Fred. Dustin has Jesus, Paul and a host of Reformers in his corner, and the synergist has…Norman Geisler, Dave Hunt, Ergun Caner and his Finney counterparts? 🙂

  8. Lynn Says:

    Was the date of your debate July 14th? You had the time listed, but not the date. It was probably the 14th, though I’m hoping it is in the future since I missed it if it was on the 14th.

  9. The debate is scheduled for 8-8-06. In regards to what brother Fred Butler said above,

    ” . . . . I am afraid this is going to be nothing but a pig pile on the Arminian and you certainly don’t want to come across as a bully beating on a tomato can.”

    Fred, I appreciate those comments and you are certainly right, we don’t want to “beat up” on any professing Christian, whether Arminian or Calvinist. I too believe that Mr. Cobb is confused about the doctrines of grace on many levels as he has been negatively influenced by a particularly articulate Arminian writer/speaker on these issues. However, how many of the Geisler, Bryson, Caner, Hunt varieties have clearly and accurately represented the confessional Calvinism in either writing or speaking? Do they not all raise the same worn-out objections used for centuries by the synergists? Of course they do. Has this stopped Dr. James White from debating the likes of such people? No, it hasn’t. Instead, he and many others have used and will use such opportunities as a platform to preach the truth over and against the false, synergistic philosophies and soteriological traditions that have invaded and crippled the doctrinal teaching of the modern (and historic) evangelical churches.

    It is also worthy to note that the act of silencing Arminian objections in a moderated debate with the word of God is one of the means that God uses to proclaim the truth to those who are sitting on the fence in regards to this issue. Moderated debates like these often provide needed clarity that is useful for the listeners to make an informed decision as to which system most accurately represents the teachings of the Bible regarding regeneration and salvation. Such debates are especially beneficial to those who listen and learn from the cross-examination time, which is where the truth of any system is tried in the crucible of Truth, namely God’s inerrant word. The critical questions that are asked during this portion of a debate exposes a false system for what it is and causes those who have “ears to hear” to lean on the teachings of Scripture versus man’s erroneous philosophies.

    Finally, I must note that Brody Cobb eagerly agreed to be a participant in our upcoming debate. We have had several enjoyable pre-debate conversations and are developing somewhat of a friendship. He has been influenced against Calvinism by the popular Arminian author and speaker Steve Gregg (www.thenarrowpath.com). Brody will be treated kindly, fairly, and with the same respect that I’d rightfully display toward any other professing Christian who is created in the Imago Dei (image of God). The debate will be moderated just like any formal debate – which will ensure that each receives equal time to present his case. Thus, no one will be talking over, interrupting, or steamrolling the other during the formal debate time nor in the calls after the show. If this is the case, *I* will defend Brody over and against a belligerent caller because as a brother in Christ, he deserves such respect. So, for those Calvinists who fear that the upcoming debate will be a “knock down, drag-out fight” – I assure you, we will debate like gentlemen. For those Calvinists who wanted a “knock down, drag-out fight”, shame you *YOU* because you do not know what kind of spirit you are of (Luke 9:55-56)!

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