The Young, Restless, and Reformed

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I must confess. I normally do not read Christianity Today. But I will have to purchase the latest issue, given that the cover story is called “Young, Restless, and Reformed: Calvinism is making a comeback—and shaking up the church,” written by Collin Hansen. JT adds, “It’s an excellent piece that profiles the Reformed resurgence in the twenty-something crowd. John Piper, Al Mohler, Joshua Harris, Kent Hughes, C.J. Mahaney, and Together for the Gospel are all mentioned.” Hopefully the article will be made available on the Internet in the near future.

I wonder how many Southern Baptists will read this story. I haven’t read the article, but it would be worthwhile to have mentioned the emphasis Calvinism received during the 2006 SBC Annual Meeting as well as the recent impact the Founders Ministries has had over the past 15 years. More on this to come in the near future.

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10 Comments on “The Young, Restless, and Reformed”

  1. Chip Says:

    I, too, have stopped reading Christianity Today. But for your mention of this upcoming article I might have missed it. I’ll now make a point to pick up a copy. Thanks so much for the tip.

  2. Fred Butler Says:

    Where can I get the “Jonathan Edwards is my Homeboy” Tee-shirt? I personally would like John Gill, Thomas Watson or MLJ.


  3. Gene Says:

    Church History Magazine, which is one of CT’s spinoff’s I think, has been running LOTS of material on the Reformed tradition this year. Last issue was about the Puritans. The current issue is about Adoniram and Anne Judson.

  4. Timmy Says:


    Many have asked that very same question, and it appears that the t-shirt was either photoshopped or made without the intent of public sale. There is, however, shirts out that are simiar to that one, including “Martin Luther is my homeboy.”


    Thanks for the heads up. I will check into their recent issues at the library.

  5. Matt Says:

    The shirt is available at


  6. Hedonese Says:

    Dun give up on CT yet… It is after all the legacy of the late great Carl FH Henry 😀

  7. J W Majors Says:

    The mean,lean,Calvin machine is back and I love it. The Arminian mickey mouse is about to fall.

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