Conference On The Holy Trinity

What single doctrine underwrites the following doctrines and practices in a direct or indirect way?

Theology Proper (The Doctrine of God)
Anthropology (The Doctrine of Man)
Soteriology (The Doctrine of Salvation)
The Family/Marriage
Church Order
Biblical Hermeneutics

If you answer “The Trinity” you scored 100 %

Follow up questions: Do you know why this is the case? Are you a consistent Trinitarian?

Philip Schaff viewed church history as the history of the growth of an organic entity. In its infancy and toddlerhood, God taught the church some fundamental, bedrock truths about who He is, based on the content of His Scriptures. That included the doctrine of the Trinity. These concepts were passed down for over 1500 years, and they were further ensconced in Christendom such that to be an anti-Trinitarian was a worse heresy than being a Protestant, during the time of the Reformation. In addition, these concepts involved them thinking a great deal about concepts like “personhood;” thus what it means to be a person passed into our culture and remained with us. What you think about “personhood” as a concept affects the way you view your fellow man. Thus affects Christian Ethics in such matters as marriage and family, abortion, and homosexuality. It also has an effect on the way you view the lost.

When was the last time you heard a sermon series or series of Sunday School lessons teaching the doctrine of the Trinity? It seems we take it for granted that people believe this. I fear we’re losing this doctrine in the church. Ask folks if they know T.D. Jakes is a modalist. If they say “Yes,” ask them if they think this matters. Many say, “Yes,” but don’t know why. Many say, “No,” and don’t care. As this doctrine goes in the church, so it goes in society. Why do you think we’re struggling with divorce and homosexuality and other such issues today? You guessed it… I’ll be posting more on these ideas in the near future, but until then…

Grace Bible Church in Brandon, FL has put together a conference On the Holy Trinity for October. See details there and at the Founders blog. The speakers included Phil Johnson and Robert Reymond.

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2 Comments on “Conference On The Holy Trinity”


    If your schedule permits….

    don’t miss this conference, but if you must miss it, order the tapes.

  2. […] You can have some or even most or maybe even all of your doctrine right, and still not “love one another.” And the only thing we could possibly boast in is understanding and knowing Him… which, if we really do that, means that we give Him all the glory, and our boasting is about Him and not our knowledge. But if we don’t understand the relationship of the Persons of the Godhead — and by understand I don’t mean that we fully grasp it, but I mean that we know what the Bible teaches about it and the necessary implications of that doctrine — then we don’t know Him well enough to even have opinions on a lot of things in Scripture. And whether you’re a homeless guy who just knows you love Jesus, or maybe you’re Jonathan Edwards, you should be growing in His grace and knowledge every day, to the measure of grace God has given to you. […]

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