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Not to detract from Gene’s excellent post on the recent statements made by Ergun Caner, Paige Patterson, and/or Jerry Vines regarding Theodore Beza, but Nelson L. Price is on the offensive regarding Calvinism. It is causing quite a stir. Below are a few links for further research:

  • See also his recent sermon at First Baptist Woodstock this past Sunday night. Does anyone else notice how FBCW is becoming the bastion of SBC anti-Calvinism? First there was Johnny Hunt -on several occasions I might add, next Jerry Vines, and now this atrocious sermon by Price. Personally, with how many times Hunt continues to bring up from the pulpit my disagreement with him on this issue (as a former member), and with this recent recruiting effort to get as many SBC power-houses to come speak out against this doctrine, it is safe to say we have officially gotten under his skin (or better yet, we have stung his conscience). Praise God that many will hear these anti-calvinistic rants and examine the scriptures for themselves. I trust that the Lord is doing far more through these sermons than through a complete silence on the matter.

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10 Comments on “Nelson Price on Calvinism”

  1. Mark Says:

    I about blew my coffee when he outlined Aquinas’ view of justification. “Christ earned God’s gift of grace?” I politely listened hoping it would not get worse. It was a pipe dream. This has to be the worst sermon I have heard. God is obligated to save, Christ died for all, Everyone seeks God and when we find him then we have to make a choice, flip Jesus quote of John 3:17-21 on it head, our mind seeks God, and the misquoting of scripture was stunning.

    So FBCW gets a man who espouses Roman Catholic theology to speak out against Reformed Theology. And the really strange part, this man is suppose to be a Southern Baptist preacher. The Georgia convention is in trouble if this is what passes for good preaching, teaching and theology. Matter of fact, I had lunch recently with a Roman Catholic Priest who had a better understanding of justification than Dr. Price.

  2. Stephen Thomas Says:

    I find these gross mischaracterizations of Calvinism to be just as offensive as referring to African Americans as primitve Sambos or to Jews as all being greedy and dishonest. I cannot help but believe that anybody with a modicum of intelligence could believe such silly things as the bus analogy, and so therefore must be intentionally misleading people. And if people like Price really believe that Calvinists teach such things, it is just as morally reprehensible that they don’t do ANY research on the subject before printing such filth. It is not hard to find out what Calvinists believe. But it would be very hard (and probably impossible) to find anybody who teaches what Price claims we teach.

  3. Scott Says:

    Nathan and Guys,

    I look back at my firing from FBC Woodstock for my theology differences from the Church and I rejoice. I never thought Calvinism would be exploding so fast at FBC Woodstock and the SBC. Praise the Lord for He is Great !
    I remember how they( Alan, Jim ) came to me and told me what I was supposed to say by reading my resignation to the SS leaders. They told me that I had to say ” Because of theological differences with the Pastor I should resign”. Two days before I was to read it they changed their mind and told me that I was supposed to say ” Because of theological differences with the church”. I told Alan how could I say this when the church has ” No” Confession of Faith. If they claim the Baptist Faith and Message then I’m not in violation. I so rejoice now ! I did receive an email from a couple that just left FBC Woodstock because they have come to believe in Calvinism and have just left the church. They hunted me down and wanted to say thank you for my stance five years ago. By taking a stand God will honor His Word !

  4. Josh Says:

    I’m still not convinced that that many of our SBC church members will actually take the time to pick up their Bibles and examine anything.

    “…the word of God is not bound.”–2 Timothy 2:9

  5. Having e-mailed Dr. Price with my concerns, I find his reply has actually just repeated several of the errors in the ‘Evangelical Calvinism…’ article.

    The magazine that has published my articles would not even take one look at Dr. Price’s due to its errors.

    Oddly, though, he’s a lot more conciliatory in personal e-mail correspondence than he is in the article.

  6. johnMark Says:


    You left off your Georgia neighbor’s post on this subject…mine.

    We did have a great Thanksgiving and I hope you all did as well.


  7. Nathan White Says:

    Whoops! Sorry JM, I have updated this post. You didn’t show up when I did a Google Blogsearch for Nelson Price.

    I’ve also included a few thoughts by James White.


  8. Josh Says:

    Are we doing anything about this? Are we preaching and teaching what we believe? Are we trying to educate those who may not understand that they have been led astray?

    These are questions I would like to see answered before anyone starts “busting heads” you know, theologically.

    “…the word of God is not bound.” 2 Timothy 2:9

  9. james Says:

    I never knew what Calvinism was until after having read my entire Bible 7 times. For years I was studying doctrine. Then one day I stumbled across Calvinism. I was somewhat irritated that so many had a problem with T-U-L-I-P. I mean these people take sound doctrine and dismiss the Bible entirely because they say “it’s Calvinism and Calvinism isn’t Biblical”. Where do they get that from? I know they diden’t get that Idea from actually reading the entire Bible. There hasen’t been one person in the Bible who God has given a “choice” of justification. God diden’t give Abraham a choice to be justified. God diden’t give Moses a choice to be justified. God diden’t give Saul a choice to be justified. God diden’t give David a choice to be justified. God diden’t give solomon a choice to be justified. God diden’t give any of his prophets a choice to be justified. God diden’t give the 12 apostles a choice to be justified. God diden’t give Paul a choice to be justified. The only choice God ever gave to people God justified is a choice of sanctification. Moses and Joshua said to the Israelites to choose to be obedient. They diden’t tell the Israelites to choose to become God’s chosen people. God already chose them through Abraham. The Israelites were given a choice to be obedient. They weren’t given a choice to be justified.

    Another matter is free will. Man’s free will is limited. When people claim “If I don’t have free will then God’s a tyrant and I’m a robot” they’er making a relativist claim that lacks any context. That claim implys the person could possibly think they have unlimited free will. For free will to be unlimited it has to be omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. That means people make the ideology of free will into a deity, and that’s idolotry. That makse sense since those people claiming that are being greedy for soverignty, and greed is idolotry. Not to mention the pride and jealousy of the person who makes such an absurd claim.

    Another point is that Calvinism is a driving factor in the reformation. To be anti-Calvinist is to be counter-reformation. You might as well be a catholic if you’re anti-Calvinist. Also, to deny calvinism is only a demonstration of your inability to reason. If a person was truly interested in finding the truth they woulden’t reject Calvinism. They woulden’t lie and decieve every time they’er confronted with strong Biblical doctrine against their heresy. They woulden’t twist and turn to dodge the truth(the light). They woulden’t take pleasure in trying to qurrel based on such a shakey foundation they place themself on. They woulden’t be showing such bad fruit. Anti-Calvinist, counter-reformation claims only lead people into the pit of despair.

    I have seen many false teachers claiming T-U-L-I-P points. Such as this guy in florida claiming to be the second coming of Jesus Christ. This guy claims God is soverign and predestined people, etc… This is where temperance and discernment comes into play. Instead of following the words of some pastor blindly people need to open their Bible, read it, meditate on it, read it again, meditate on it some more, pray for wisdom, pray for temperance, pray for patience, discuss the issue with a sincere desire for truth, meditate more. Then if in error God will grant repentance to those who humble themself and hunger for righteousness, are poor in spirit, gentle.

  10. Of course, the freewillers forget that, according to their definition, GOD does not have free will (for God’s will is always good and holy, never evil. Indeed, God’s will CANNOT be evil! So God cannot choose good or evil freely, therefore God does not have free will if free will is defined as the freedom to choose equally between good and evil.

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