“Calvinism is fatalism,” is the accusation, and our anti-Calvinist friends make it routinely. This is a common charge. Is it true?

A. Fatalism requires libertarian free will in order to work. Since Calvinism opts for soft determinism and thus denies libertarianism, Calvinism cannot be charged with fatalism. Incidentally, for those who claim Calvinism (and orthodox Lutheranism) borrow from fatalism/pagan philosophy on this point, I would point out that if so, then those who opt for libertarian action theory are also borrowing from fatalism/pagan philosophy on this point, in fact moreso, since, unless the are Open Theists, they affirm the ends are already set in stone and the means to those ends involves libertarian freedom. To call attention to this is to call attention to their own theology.

B. Fatalism requires the ends to be set but not necessarily the means. In Calvinism, both the means and the ends are set.

C. In fatalism the ends are thus “fated” no matter what you do. The typical picture is the literary hero of Greek or Islamic literature that struggles against his fate, which happens regardless of the choices he makes.

D. Fatalism requires impersonal forces at work upon the person fated. In Calvinism, God is personal.

E. Finally, if you think Calvinism is fatalism, then argue with B.B. Warfield.
and dismantle what he had to say. Dr. Vines told his listeners to read the literature. Well, here you go.

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One Comment on “Fatalism?”

  1. Scott Says:

    I wonder if Vines has ever read his Bible…I mean Warfield. Sorry I slipped.

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