Does Man Control The New Birth?

If you hunt around on some of the online bookstores, you might find Billy Graham’s book entitled “How To Be Born Again”. Another book that’s out there is “Gaining Decisions for Christ: A How-To Manual” by Louis R Torres. These books are representative of the modern church mindset that imagines man as having power to “activate” or “trigger” his own New Birth.

The error of Decisional Regeneration has some similarities with another error that Charles Spurgeon battled against in the 19th century called Baptismal Regeneration; it imagines that human beings have the power to cause the New Birth through the waters of baptism. In the past we’ve talked about regeneration as being something that God controls, and something that his Holy Spirit does. I’m sure we’ll continue in examining the various scripture passages that we believe make this clear. For this post however, I’d like to share this short overview clip on Decisional Regeneration from a video series entitled How God Converts The Human Soul.

Click here to see the the video.

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4 Comments on “Does Man Control The New Birth?”

  1. Andrew Walling Says:

    Love it! Thanks for posting this. This was the series (Wordpictures) that helped me come to understand the Doctrines of Grace and regeneration. I actually tried to disprove it Mark Kielar… needless to say, I lost. (“lost”…Well… I guess that’s a matter of perspective.)

  2. James Wilson Says:

    I am curious to know more about this video series (not in a negative sense) as it is almost verbatim from James E. Adams’ 16 page book “Decisional Regeneration.” The copy I have is a 1988 (2nd edition) printing from Free Grace Publications out of Canton, GA.

  3. MLR Says:

    Spurgeon on Moody “I believe that it is a great help in bringing people to DECISION when Mr. Moody asks those to STAND UP who wish to be prayed for. Anything that tends to separate you from the ungodly around you, is good for you. Now, if you have given yourselves to Christ, tell it out; for, after that, you cannot go back to the world, you will feel that the vows of the Lord are upon you. When Caesar landed on a certain shore, he burned his boats behind him, so that his men might know that they must conquer or perish. I advise you to do likewise; burn your boats by a clear and explicit declaration.” (MTP, 1897, page 516).

  4. Jim Says:


    It helps to put Spurgeon in a larger context. I think we can get a sense of that from this compilation of sermon excerpts related to “enquiry rooms” (which were similar to today’s altar calls):

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