The Pyromaniacs on “The Gospel in Spider-Man 3″

While we at Strange BaptistFire certainly don’t wish this blog to become regularly entertainment-focused, I have occassionally addressed some specific entertainment items that I thought might be of particular interest to SBF readers. For this reason, when a character on the T.V. show House made some comments about ‘free-will,’ I took the opportunity to use those comments in order to make a point about how ‘free-will’ (in the libertarian sense) is really an illusion. [BTW- My wife and I no longer watch House due to the pervasive lewdness that has come to characterize that show.]

I have also previously linked my review of Facing the Giants, evaluating the content (or lack of content) in the Gospel message in that movie, as it was produced by a Baptist church, and I knew many churches would be using it as a kind of Gospel presentation.

Having seen Christian enthusiasm over movies such as The Passion of the Christ, The Nativity Story, etc, Hollywood has increasingly tried to market to Christians- issuing statements that make entirely secular films sound as if they have some vital Gospel connection. This has been especially evident in comments made from the directors and producers of Superman Returns and Rocky Balboa prior to the release of those movies (both of which I saw and enjoyed, but I did NOT consider forming a series of Sunday School lessons around them).

Currently, the #1 film is Spider-Man 3, and there has been a great deal of buzz over the Internet about themes of redemption and forgiveness in the Spider-Man films. I’m posting today simply to alert SBF readers that Pyromaniacs blogger Dan Phillips has recently posted a well-written spoiler-free review of Spider-Man 3, which gives an even-handed evaluation of the film while successfully contrasting the world’s ideas of forgiveness- present in the movie- from the biblical teaching on forgiveness- entirely absent from the movie, of course.

His conclusion is basically see the movie and enjoy the movie, but don’t do a sermon series based on the movie.

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