Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr. at the Southern Baptist Founders Fellowship Breakfast

I was privileged to hear Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr. speak this morning at the Southern Baptist Founders Fellowship Breakfast.

Baucham began his lecture this morning reminding those present that, “We must remember where we came from.” Baucham gave an illustration from his childhood, in which he was bused to an all-white school from his all-black school due to public school policies of racial integration. Baucham and the others who were bused were given a crash-course in black history by their parents so that they would understand where they came from and what they represented. Baucham and others were told, “Whatever they end up believing about us [the black community] will ultimately be a by-product of how you conduct yourself there.” Baucham applied this statement to those who are passionate about historic Southern Baptist beliefs.

Baucham then offered 7 areas in which Baptists need repentance if we are to see revival. [Baucham acknowledged that 5 of these were covered in the 2005 spring edition of the Southern Baptist Journal of Theology.] The 7 areas were as follows:

1. Regenerate church membership
a. Regenerate church membership reflects a care for biblical evangelism
b. Regenerate church membership reflects a care for basic Christian honesty
c. LifeWay figures show that at least half of SBC church members may not be saved

2. Church discipline
a. Without a commitment to biblical church discipline, no amount of politics will allow the church to make an impact on culture
b. Without biblical church discipline, pastoral ministry is ineffective

3. Biblical exposition
a. Not only in sermons, but in our entire philosophy of ministry
b. As a Convention, we’ve succumbed to the spirit of the age: Entertainment and marketing

4. Biblical church planting
(Baucham asserted that the North American Mission Board is currently planting churches rather than the biblical model of churches planting churches.)

5. Family discipleship
(Baucham asserted that a professional, age-graded ministry undermines biblical family discipleship.)

6. Biblically qualified leadership
a. Too many churches are entirely ignorant of the biblical qualifications for pastors
b. There are numerous character requirements for pastors in the Bible, but there are only two basic skills required: the ability to teach and managing one’s own household well
c. Baucham noted that though he is tee-totaler and doesn’t necessarily oppose the Convention passing Resolutions concerning alcohol, that the issue of alcohol use within the convention is a “paper tiger.” In this, Baucham stressed that we need to be spending less time making statements about alcohol use, and more time holding leadership accountable to managing their families well. Baucham said, “It takes nothing for me to wake up in the morning and not drink. It takes everything for me to wake up in the morning and disciple my children.”

7. Biblical Christian education
I sincerely wish that every Southern Baptist could have heard Dr. Baucham’s address, to give what he said careful consideration.

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4 Comments on “Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr. at the Southern Baptist Founders Fellowship Breakfast”

  1. Les Puryear Says:


    I was there also. I agree with you. It was a great sermon.


  2. Pat McGee Says:

    I agree with what you outlined except I take exception to his comment on Sunday School. If there is a problem between family discipleship and Sunday School, the problem is with the person teaching or what is being taught. The issue is not the institution of age-graded Sunday School, it is with the teacher or the curriculum. Those areas need to be addressed. Too often teachers are chosen on the basis of availability rather than giftedness.

  3. Scott Morgan Says:


    As always I appreciate you guys ! I have to admit that I get a chuckle from #4 about NAMB planting churches instead of Churches planting churches. Here is my Chuckle to you, ME, and the SBC: If Founders friendly men such as my self, you guys, and the Founders board really believe #4 then we need to stop supporting the SBC seminaries, going to the Convention each year and quit blogging about the convention and just focus on our local churches we pastor.
    We both have to admit that there is no Biblical model for seminaries, Convention, mission agencies and etc… it’s the local church that is supposed to do all this. Let’s be honest: We waste time at the Convention and other things trying to change what we have no authority over. The only authority we have is the local church we belong to. We say we believe in the Regulative Principle: Then lets practice it ! Remember I appreciate you guys !

  4. Les:
    Thanks for the comment!

    I’m not sure if I entirely agree on everything Baucham says against age-graded Sunday Schools, etc., but I think that he does bring forth some sound biblical principles in much that he says concerning parents’ responsibility to disciple children.

    I believe that while there is certainly no SBC in the New Testament, there is a biblical basis for church cooperation. I hope to address this more in the future, but I understand your concern and welcome discussion on this issue.

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