A Response to NelsonPrice.com on “Covert Calvinists,” Part 1

On NelsonPrice.com, Dr. Nelson Price has his articles listed under two main categories, “Price Lines” and “Price Tags” [having a mind that tends towards puns and such, I genuinely appreciate that Dr. Price is willing to have fun with his own name in this way]. Under these categories, each article in arranged in alphabetical order. That is, each article except for one. The first article in the “Price Tags” category, filed before the articles beginning with “A”, is titled “Covert Calvinists”. Obviously, this article is considered to be of utmost importance to Dr. Price, as it is placed in such a prominent position. In this article, Dr. Price makes several assertions that merit response by this blog, a response which I hope to provide in my next few articles.

Dr. Price begins “Covert Calvinists” as follows:

There is more growing in the garden than a TULIP.

Again, this might be annoying to some, but I think the above statement shows a wittiness on the part of Dr. Price. It also helps to set the stage for Price’s stated focus of this article, which he expresses thus:

This is not about the doctrine of Calvinism it is about the tactics of many Baptists who are Calvinists.

Dr. Price then asserts that he is not intending to indict all Calvinists, and he indicates some perceived attitudes by certain Calvinists that have grieved him in the past:

I don’t want to paint with a brush too broad. Not all Calvinists act alike and virtually everything said about them is denied by others among them.

Having written on the subject the best thing I have been called in reactionary emails is sub-human. Bigoted, ignorant, untruthful, unlearned, and some not as nice terms have been in email messages. They have written long messages filled with numerous questions to which they demand answers. Failure to respond in detail is reason to be branded unenlightened. Some of their smarmy comments are degrading. They can’t be convicted of being laconic. Any attempt to respond lovingly and logically is met with a paroxysm. Efforts to be personally gracious result in a vitriolic cudgel.

Now, it would be hard to imagine anyone honestly accusing Dr. Price of being ignorant or unlearned in general. His education is evident in his choice of words. I personally had to look up “paroxysm” to know what it means [in this context, the word indicates “sudden uncontrollable attack”]. Such “paroxysm,” “vitriolic cudgel,” and personal disparagement have no place in the life of a believer. If persons calling themselves Calvinists have been guilty of these things toward Dr. Price, they need to go to him and apologize. These cannot be excused by “cage stage” or anything else, but are rather simple ungodliness for which people must repent. It would be nice, however, if Dr. Price would have given some examples in the form of lengthy quotes (such as I am doing in these articles) in order to demonstrate how these personal attacks have taken place. I say this not to accuse Dr. Price of dishonesty in this matter (I’ve never heard him accused of lying about any particular individual, and would be surprised if he did), but because of the following reason:
When a man works hard on something, investing his time and energy in that thing, it is hard for him not to closely identify with his work. So, when someone calls the quality of his work into question, it is extremely difficult not to take personal offense. Often, a man needs accountability from others so that he can get a more objective view of how his work may need improvement and not feel personally insulted. It may be the case that many have wrote to Dr. Price, not to attack him personally, but to call into question the quality of certain anti-Calvinist sermons he has preached and articles he has written. They may have criticized the doctrines he espoused in those settings as being untruthful or have pointed out that the understanding of Calvinism he sets forth seems unlearned. If Dr. Price gave specific examples, quoting from emails he has received, the broader community could know whether the authors of these emails need to be held accountable, or if Dr. Price might be, perhaps, needlessly offended by someone genuinely trying to help him, or both.
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4 Comments on “A Response to NelsonPrice.com on “Covert Calvinists,” Part 1”

  1. Thomas Twitchell Says:

    Provide the evidence, names, places, et cetera, give the details so that the claims can be substantiated, or, they are assertion meant only to divide. It is Price, not his oppostion who is guilty unless he can provide proof. Until then, he merely is arguing from silence and creating strawmen. If he has good Calvinist friends, he should not be caricaturing and mischaracterizing them or their beliefs.

  2. Andrew Says:

    re: “If he has good Calvinist friends…”
    I certainly plan to address this issue in my next post.

  3. Since he responded to a polite e-mail from me with a form reply indicating that he was unwilling to actually talk about the matter like a gentleman, I think the above word are a bit rich.

  4. HH:
    It might be good if we posted your e-mail and his reply on this blog, since we will be continuing to respond to the website for quite some time. If you agree, please email: admin@strangebaptistfire.com .

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