Emergent Church Job Description

I was recently sent the following job description from a “faith community” that describes itself as “emergent.” I am interested in how SBF readers would respond to this job description. [Note: The following description is rather long.]

The Barn Community(www.thebarnlv.org) is seeking a FT partner or multiple partners (PT) in ministry! The Barn, a two year old emergent faith community in Macungie, PA seeks a leader(s) who is energized to help develop a number of ministries within our intergenerational community. Theological training is not necessary but would certainly be beneficial. A strong commitment and relationship to Jesus and a desire to invite others to walk closely with God is essential. We believe we are looking for one FT person, or 2-3 PT people specifically gifted to join us part time. Our opening(s) offer the unique opportunity to help equip our community to bring signs of God’s Kingdom to earth as we attempt to share joy and live out together the love and compassion of Jesus. Overall Considerations: We desire partners who are: 1. Passionate and love God’s people. Extroverted by nature, engaging in personality, this person will need to have a contagious enthusiasm for the Barn and her vision. 2. Eager to partner with the Pastor, the Vision Team, and other teams to explore ministry possibilities to keep reaching out to those skeptical or far from God. 3. Creative in team development and energetic to experiment with new ideas. In regard to the Gathering (our weekly worship service), we seek leader(s) with a deep appreciation for the arts and artists, and a vision as to how we might imaginatively engage worship utilizing multiple intelligences and the senses. 4. Appreciative of intergenerational ministry. 5. Experimental by nature. Appreciates diversity. Welcomes dialogue. Listens well. Compassionate. Organizational skills are essential, Self-motivated. Risk Taker. Is real and personable. Team Development Leader/Coach (10-12 hrs/wk): Our Vision for this partner in ministry: 1. The Barn community desires to partner with God’s Holy Spirit to engage and fulfill the day to day joy and vision God offers our community. Not desiring a staff driven paradigm, we seek a staff person who is energized to walk alongside those participating in our community sharing with them our vision, while offering opportunities to identify and share their gifts and passions in the appropriate ministries. Recruiting, equipping, and developing strong teams will be an integral part of the Barn community’s ability to reach out to neighbor. 2. We seek a staff member who is a team player and likes to have fun! An ability to delegate and give ministry away while encouraging and supporting individuals and teams is critical. This person will also need to have very strong planning and organizational skills and an ability to teach them to others. 3. Small ministry teams and small groups are integral to how we live together as a community. We work hard to integrate our theology into our every day lives. Participation and leadership in these arenas would be important. 4. This person will work with the Pastor to help integrate new people into the community. Music (instrumentalists/vocalists); Arts (Visual Arts, dance, drama, video) Leader-(20 hrs/week): Our Vision for this partner in ministry: 1. A passionate person, extroverted by nature, engaging in personality, who holds a contagious enthusiasm for the arts as a means of expressing our love of God. 2. Eager to partner with others in exploring ministry possibilities with those unfamiliar with the church through the use of arts and media. 3. A knowledge of sound systems, lighting alternatives, media projection and an array of multi-media tools would be helpful but not required. 4. Enthusiastic to celebrate, educate, and interpret a variety of art forms and convey this passion to a mixture of generations in a variety of settings. 5. Comfortable with drama, dance, music, and other art forms as a way to honor and praise God. While s/he may not be well versed in all these forms, s/he should be well qualified and capable of inviting and recruiting those who are gifted to lead and assist in these areas. It is essential that this person be an excellent recruiter and team builder. 6. Experimental by nature. The Barn invites the experimentation of a variety of art and media experiences. This person will need to be comfortable working with a variety of people and be appreciative and welcoming of diverse heritage and history. 7. Plan and execute, partnering with Pastor: funerals, weddings, baptisms, communion, and any other special occasions as needed. 8. Able to plan ahead and present materials for discussion 2 months forward. Youth Coordinator (10-12 hrs/wk): Our Vision for this partner in ministry: 1. Work to develop a vital youth program for grades 6-12. An emphasis will be placed upon creating a safe place for youth to grow in their relationship with God. With the onset of abstract thought in a young person, ensure that our teens are challenged to grow and develop their relationship with God on this new level. 2. Encourage opportunities to care for neighbor. 3. Create a safe place for teens to ask growing questions of faith as well as grow in the social development so important to the successful transition to young adulthood. Consider venues such as coffee house, art/drama workshops, etc. as possible ways of inviting new youth to consider God in their lives. 4. Recruit and partner with a group of youth workers to mentor and walk alongside the youth entrusted to our care and to continue to build this team and equip/empower leaders to lead). Technology Coordinator (10-12 hrs/wk): Our Vision for this partner in ministry: 1. The Barn community utilizes a variety of technology in its weekly Gatherings. This requires advanced planning in order to offer our best to God. The technology coordinator works with the Arts Team, the Blend (music team), and the Pastor to coordinate the technological components of each Gathering. A working knowledge of Live Worship, iMovie and other MAC programs would be helpful. 2. Oversee the management of the Barn’s Website assuring it is current, interactive, and an effective communication tool. 3. Consider overall communication needs within the community. 4. Consider a plan for communicating the ministry of the Barn to the larger community. 5. Secure AV/Sound team and schedule them to facilitate the Gathering schedule. 6. Participate in Barn Gathering and other non weekday community events as necessary.

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3 Comments on “Emergent Church Job Description”

  1. Pat McGee Says:

    I find it amazing that there is no call for the prospective employee to ba a borb-again believer. There is little tellling what the purpose in these positions are. The gospel simply is not there.

  2. Thomas Twitchell Says:

    Sounds like an advertisement for a social worker/social skills facilitator, not a minister. The redundancies made me think that it was a team effort, almost as if a group of people got together, cut and pasted their ideas and voila, a job description and recruitment mail-out. The next thing that grabbed me was: how much are they are willing to pay for someone with all these talents and requirements, low entry executive pay schedule, perhaps? You surely couldn’t expect this level of expertise from a novice with a bachelors degree. So a professional, masters level experience or above, would have to fill the bill, and the bill for those kinds of services do not come cheap.

  3. Robbie Says:

    Are you guys serious?
    From above: “A strong commitment and relationship to Jesus and a desire to invite others to walk closely with God is essential.”

    People who are emergent love Jesus so much. They just don’t understand why you have to act like someone from 1900 or earlier to love Jesus, and they just want to know why they have to do certain things, kinda like a child who says “why?” a lot when they are a kid, they are kids again to a degree asking why they must continue in traditions that neither fulfill them or make sense to them. Is it a sin to ask questions? That’s what it’s about.

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