Thoughts on the Upcoming Vote for the SBC Presidency?

I assume that any Southern Baptists reading this post who are able will be attending the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting on June 10-11 in Indianapolis as messengers from your various congregations and will vote in favor of Tom Ascol’s Resolution on Integrity in Church Membership as well as John Mann’s Resolution on Doctrine.

What I’m not sure about is who we will vote for in regards to the Presidency of the Convention. (Not that we will be monolithic in our vote, but I assume that most Southern Baptists reading this will share similar convictions, and thus come to a similar conclusion on who the SBC president should be.) As of now, I don’t know who I will vote for, so I am opening this thread for discussion of this issue. I ask that commenters be gracious in discussion of the various announced nominees and refrain from typing anything about the nominees that you would not say to their faces.

The nominees for this office are expected to be (in alphabetical order by last name):

  • Frank Cox
  • Wiley Drake
  • Johnny Hunt
  • Les Puryear
  • William Wagner
  • Avery Willis
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4 Comments on “Thoughts on the Upcoming Vote for the SBC Presidency?”

  1. Barry Says:

    How about prefacing this with some neutral thumbnail biography on the individual candidates?

  2. Darrin Says:

    I don’t suppose I can nominate Tom Ascol, can I?
    I sadly am not yet familiar with these men.

  3. Barry Says:


    Could you tell us what Ascol hopes to accomplish with this resolution?

    Since it has been shot-down two years running it would appear that most don’t agree with following through with it.

    Is it possible that it just doesn’t have any real meaning for churches today?

    Is the intent to purge or trim the church membership in a manner that is suitable a few?

    Kindly give us your take.


  4. Andrew Says:


    I think Ascol, in various blog posts and his interview at Calling for Truth, has answered what he hopes to accomplish, and I agree with everything he has said.


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