Concerning Dr. Frank Cox as an expected nominee to the SBC presidency

SBC Today has done Southern Baptists a great service in interviewing those who have announced that they will allow themselves to be nominated for the position of SBC president. Over the next few posts leading up to the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting, I will give my thoughts on each of these interviews and will encourage SBF readers who listen to these interviews to share your thoughts.

The first interview was of Dr. Frank Cox. (The interview can be heard HERE.) What I appreciated most about this interview is that Dr. Cox has obviously thought a great deal about the Garner Motion and has come to what I consider to be a good conclusion concerning this motion. Much less satisfying was his answer about Calvinism, in which he referred to himself as a Biblicist (Calvinists, of course, also believe that we are simply following the Bible), then went on to assert the free-will and general atonement positions without Scriptural proof. As a Georgia native, I had some knowledge of Dr. Cox and my primary concern in regards to the idea of him as SBC President is that he may be very numbers-focused; this interview did nothing to alleviate that concern.

I wanted to also thank Peter Lumpkins for the work he did in conducting this interview. Lumpkins has been a frequent critic of Calvinism (and his antipathy towards Calvinism is evident in his question concerning this subject), and so several people reading this have probably interacted with him in vigorous debate within the comment threads of various blogs. But (to give credit where credit is due), Lumpkins did a fine job in asking Dr. Cox specific questions about issues important to Southern Baptists, even when such questions might have been uncomfortable for Dr. Cox to answer.

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One Comment on “Concerning Dr. Frank Cox as an expected nominee to the SBC presidency”

  1. Andrew,

    Thanks for your words, my brother. I very much enjoyed the meeting with Dr. Cox. He may be one of the most irenic, likable guys I’ve ever met. He’s the kind of guy that you simply cannot not like even though you think him dead wrong. Most of us have acquaintances like that, I think.

    Also, his answer on Calvinism was, in my view, a genuine reflection of his spirit. I wish the interview would have been Videoed. Though he obviously is not Calvinist, Dr. Cox comes across as ‘having no dog in that fight’ as it were. In fact, he serves with some Calvinists presently on the Ex. Cmte who are his friends.

    Grace. With that, I am…


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