Concerning Dr. Bill Wagner as an expected nominee to the SBC presidency

In the second interview of one who has announced that he will allow himself to be nominated for the position of SBC president, SBC Today posted an audio file with Dr. Bill Wagner, which can be heard HERE. As a missionary with the International Mission Board for 31 years, a professor of missions at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, and now a pastor of a small church in the San Francisco area, Dr. Wagner certainly has the best resume for the job of SBC president. My concerns in regards to Dr. Wagner are as follows:

  1. He seems to be open to Southern Baptists rejoining the Baptist World Alliance, a group with a minimalistic confessional statement that includes member churches that are very much theologically liberal.
  2. He is open to the use of the Camel Method of Muslim evangelism– though he has questions about some aspects of it– based on perceived “results,” which seems to indicate that, to him, biblical principles may be trumped by pragmatic concerns.
  3. He charges that Calvinists on the mission field are less concerned with evangelism and more concerned with discussing theology. This may introduce a false dichotomy between evangelism and theology that, coupled with concern #2, could result in more missionaries using a minimalistic presentation about Jesus and His work followed by an appeal to pray a scripted prayer and a charge to never doubt salvation.
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