Concerning Pastor Johnny Hunt as an expected nominee to the SBC presidency

The third interview that SBC Today conducted with one who has announced that he will be allowed himself to be nominated the presidency of the SBC was with Pastor Johnny Hunt. (The interview can be heard HERE.)

Some things I liked about this interview:

  1. Hunt seems to advocate Southern Baptists recognizing missionary giving in new and innovative ways– something that is needed because the current system, which (for example) does not recognize giving directly to the Cooperative Program, has some systematic problems.
  2. Hunt has some good thoughts about balancing confessional fidelity with allowing trustees to exercise discernment in hiring decisions.
  3. Hunt offers the following needed call to repentance to the SBC: “We are more concerned with our money not being right than we are with us not being right in [commitment to] taking the gospel to the nations.”
  4. Hunt voices thoughtful support for the Resolution on Integrity in Church Membership.

I actually did not necessarily disagree with anything Pastor Hunt said in this interview. However, when Hunt speaks against “hyper-Calvinists,” I have a concern in regards to his definition of this word, because I do not believe that there are any true hyper-Calvinists within the SBC. Based on past experience, it seems that Hunt defines “hyper-Calvinist” as “any Calvinist who would criticize any aspect of my ministry.”

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5 Comments on “Concerning Pastor Johnny Hunt as an expected nominee to the SBC presidency”

  1. Kevin Says:

    …or someone who really believes their Calvinism…

  2. Arthur Sido Says:

    Kevin is right on, hyper-Calvinist is any Calvinist who actually believes in the doctrines of Grace, as opposed to “Calvinists” like Elmer Towns who don’t believe any of the five points. Hunt should be clear on what he means by “hyper-Calvinism”, as I suspect that many of us who read this blog fall into that definition.

  3. Barry Says:


    I think you may be right on the money there.

    I think blogging Calvinists tend to be viewed as being toward the end of the spectrum (whether they actually are or not).

    It is an interesting posit: the mental makeup of blogging Christians.

    Maybe Andrew will touch on such a thread at a different time.


    Do you intend to cover the convention in person?

  4. Andrew Says:


    Yes, I am looking forward to covering the Convention!

  5. […] In his interview with SBC Today, Johnny Hunt (now president of the Southern Baptist Convention) spoke about the need for an emphasis on personal evangelism within the Convention. Hunt is concerned that Southern Baptists do not take opportunities to speak of the gospel with non-Christians. As an example of how we can be more faithful to take such opportunities, Hunt talked about seeing a couple of young men at a funeral; being previously aquainted with the youths, Hunt knew that they were not Christians. Not having much time to speak to them (due to preaching and counseling others at a funeral), Hunt simply told the young men, “God loves you and Jesus died for you, and I want to talk to you later.” In the interview, Hunt mentioned his sharing the statement, “God loves you and Jesus died for you,” as an example of evangelism. Based on what he said in the interview, Hunt certainly recognizes that this phrase is not the extent of the gospel that must be proclaimed, but he does believe this to be an accurate summary of the gospel. […]

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