Concerning Dr. Avery Willis as an expected nominee to the SBC presidency

[Due to an error in my notes, I incorrectly identified the interview with Pastor Les Puryear as the fourth one conducted by SBC Today of those six who have indicated that they will allow themselves to be nominated for the presidency of the SBC. Actually, the interview with Pastor Puryear was the fifth and the interview of Dr. Avery Willis- HERE– was the fourth.]

What I appreciated most about this interview:

  1. Referencing Jesus’ words in Luke 4:18-19, Dr. Willis points out that Southern Baptists, as we have become more economically affluent, have developed more of an aversion to reaching out to the poor, the prisoners, the handicapped, the oppressed. Dr. Willis basically (rightly) indicts Southern Baptists for wanting to only evangelize among people just like us– comfortable suburbanites, and he points out that God is not blessing this attitude in evangelism.
  2. In regards to international missions, Dr. Willis focuses attention on the thousands of unreached people groups that have never heard the name of Jesus.
  3. In regards to North American missions, Dr. Willis focuses attention on church planting where no other Baptist church currently exists.

A concern I had in regards to this interview:
Dr. Willis apparently believes that the Camel Method is a good way to evangelize Muslims.

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