SBC First Vice President Nominations

Kevin Ezell, nominating Bill Henard, asserted that his nominee is a:
1.    Godly man (in terms of personal sanctification)
2.    Giver (in terms of CP giving)
3.    Goer (in terms of missions)

Bruce Barber, nominating John Connell, gave the following resume for his nominee:
1.    Pastor with doctorate from NOBTS
2.    13th largest giver to CP in GBC
3.    Character: Approachable, visionary, mentor to upcoming generation

Andrew Higgenbotham, nominating Chris Camden, asserted that his nominee is:
1.    Faithful to our Lord
2.    Faithful to his family
3.    Faithful to the Word
4.    Faithful to his church
5.    Faithful to Christian service
I admit that I do not know as much about these men as I should. I voted for Chris Camden, because I like what was said about his faithfulness to the Word, and he was the only nominee for whom anything approaching doctrinal fidelity was claimed. I could not vote for Henard, as I am still distressed over his pharisaical sermon last semester at Southern Seminary chapel in which he failed to mention Christ either in his sermon or in his prayer. Henard won, as may be expected, due (I think) to his experience as the Kentucky Baptist Convention president.

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3 Comments on “SBC First Vice President Nominations”

  1. q Says:

    Listen @ 23:00
    [audio src="" /]

  2. Darrin Says:

    I assume you’re refering to the part about possibly having to cut funds to the Cooperative Program due to budget issues?
    Just wondering.

  3. q Says:

    Yes, the SBC VP and employee of a Cooperative Program funded seminary is going to cut funds to the Cooperative Program.

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