Thinking about the Most Important Things

It is no secret that I’m a busy man. I love to stay busy through doing the Lord’s work. This work includes ministry to my family, my church, and when time is left over; to my community. In the midst of the daily busyness, I was reminded today of just how precious time is. It is fleeting. It is here now, and gone now. Those two seconds it took to type the last sentence are gone . . . forever. What a sobering thought.

What that means is this: we need to be using our time wisely. We also need to think carefully about how to use the time the Lord has given us because we have only one earthly life to be useful tools in the hands of the Holy Spirit for spreading the good news of His Kingdom.

I was reminded of how fleeting time is by watching the following video. This video is a summary about what true heaven-sent Holy Spirit revival is like. My heart burned within me and I had tears streaming down my face when watching certain portions of this video; especially when I heard Duncan Campbell speak about how God moved on the Isle of Lewis in the Hebride Islands in the early 1950s. As tears streamed down my face, I was immediately humbled by the thought of just how inadequate I am for doing God’s work. I also felt ashamed at the times I tried to do in my own strength what only God could do by the power of His Spirit alone. My thoughts were turned to my wife, my children, the sheep I oversee in our local church, and my community. I thought how beautiful it would be to see a revival like that burn like fire through our local community. I cried because I realized how much I have waxed eloquent about the great men of the past in comparison to how little I have prayed for true, heaven-sent revival.

DefCon’s Desert Pastor says about this video: “This is a very sobering video! Places like Lakeland, Toronto, and Brownsville are NO revivals such as the Bible describes. Watch this video and let us cry out to our God for mercy that He would show such a revival to us in our personal lives and in our churches!”

“Heavenly Father, may we see revival and bring it about in such a way that we have been lukewarm will be restored to full fellowship with you! Help us to realize that miracles are the conversion of souls, not the filling of teeth with gold dust! It is not the calling down of fire, but the changing of the mind about our own sin and our worthlessness before a Holy and Righteous God. May we remember that many churches have seen Ichabod written over the door, and so too could we if we are not willing to confront our sin. Amen.”

HT: DefCon’s Desert Pastor via Christian Research Network

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2 Comments on “Thinking about the Most Important Things”

  1. Jeff Burns Says:

    Dustin, First, I didn’t realize you were a contributor over here at SBF. Second, thanks for posting that video. May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering!

  2. Darrin Says:

    I’d heard about the revival on Lewis a while back on the radio, but wanted to hear more. Thank you for that. There are numberous other strong quotes in the video, such as the great impetus for missions, referenced above by Jeff. I also enjoyed what Paris Reidhead had to say about humanism in the church – We still twist the gospel such that everything is primarily for the happiness of man, not for the glory of God. He must not be viewed by us as merely a means, but as the glorious END! And sufficient reason for our service to Him is simply that He is worthy.

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