Open Air Preaching at Lindley Park: 8-24-08

The following You Tube clips are segments of open-air preaching at Lindley Park in Greensboro, NC on Sunday evening, 8-24-08. I have been preaching open-air on and off for about 8 years, but my preaching has never been video taped and subsequently placed on You Tube for the benefit of others.

There is much open-air preaching out there that really should not be called “preaching” because it is doctrinally aberrant and in many cases, downright hateful in its presentation.  It is my hope that Christian preachers of the Reformed persuasion will watch videos like this and be encouraged to find a place to regularly preach the gospel of grace in an open-air fashion for the glory of God and the expansion of the Kingdom.

You cannot see it on the videos because of the position of the camera, but there were many people walking right in front of me.  In the first two segments, we had a small crowd of about 10 people standing around and curiously listening to the preaching.  We even had a woman and her grandchildren come up to hug my neck for preaching the gospel.  However, we had no hecklers.  All in all, hundreds of people heard the gospel.  We will let God do with it what He will (Romans 9:16, 18).

P.S. I want to send out a special thanks to a dear brother who took the time to endure the heat to film these segments.

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

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8 Comments on “Open Air Preaching at Lindley Park: 8-24-08”

  1. Nathan White Says:

    Excellent, Dustin. You’re younger than I had pictured after hearing you on the Narrow Mind and such over the years 🙂

    I’ve been there before. Street-preaching is a tough animal. Ironically, I’ve found that it’s usually the blacks and the minorities that are most receptive to street preaching. And being from Atlanta, we have quite a large minority population downtown. But the videotape is kind of ironic, for me and some friends were going real good one time and a tourist pulled out his video camera and taped us for like 10 minutes. So I’m sure I’m on Youtube somewhere 🙂

    Keep up the good work; may the Lord bless your labors, for open-air is certainly a labor.


  2. strangebaptistfire Says:

    Ni Nate,

    How old do you think I look? I’m curious to hear what I can get away with. 🙂

  3. Brandon Says:

    Have you always used amplification?

  4. strangebaptistfire Says:

    Hi Brandon,

    I usually do *not* use amplification. This is because much of my preaching has been done outside of one of our local abortion clinics and/or in an area where I do not need to use it because my voice carries fairly well. However, section 18.53 of the Greensboro City Ordinances allow for use of amplification with handheld sound devices as long as that amplification does not exceed 150 ft.

  5. Barbara Bowman in Tennessee Says:

    Pastor Dustin, keep up the good work of spreading the gospel. I really enjoyed hearing you on Slicecast. Thank you for your humble spirit. I appreciate so much your bold stand for the gospel and your love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

  6. Steve S. Says:

    Have not heard the entire yet but I am encouraged and instructed. I have not done open air like you but one on one or one on several witnessing. It can be so strengthening to us as Christians to obey and testify of the judgment on sin, wrath, and the gospel. So glad to hear you saw encouraging results this day.

    God bless.

  7. strangebaptistfire Says:


    Thanks for the encouragement sister!

    Steve S.,

    Keep up the good work witnessing my brother. Whether open air, in relationships with others, or by simply giving a good tract to a waiter at a restaurant, we need to get the gospel out there efficiently and continually.

  8. Shawn Says:

    Must you force your views on poople minding their own business by using a megaphone?

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