The English Baptists of the 17th Century Audio

One vital part of battling the “strange fire” (i.e., ideas contrary to the Bible) within Baptist circles is for Baptists to become more aware of our history, that we may emulate the good and avoid the bad from those who have gone before us.

On August 25-26 The Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies held a conference on “The English Baptists of the 17th Century.” The Andrew Fuller Center has made the audio for this conference available HERE. I have greatly enjoyed the presentations I’ve listened to so far (though I found Dr. Malcolm Yarnell’s evaluation of the relationship of early English Baptist Christopher Blackwood to the doctrines of Calvinism to be confused, at best). For Baptists today, I see great lessons to be learned (to give one example) in the ecclesiology of John Spilsbury and warnings to be taken from areas such as the eschatology of Hanserd Knollys, who speculated at the date of the onset of the millenium, according to his post-millenial understanding of Revelation.

I encourage everyone reading this post to listen carefully to the conference presentations found in the link above.

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2 Comments on “The English Baptists of the 17th Century Audio”

  1. That was a scholarly response that really helps with substantial discussion.

  2. Dr. Yarnell,

    I should say that I appreciated the bulk of your presentation. The only reason that I included the caveat in regards to your lecture is because this is polemical blog from a Reformed Baptist perspective. In this regard, my quibble was over the part near the end when you attempted to contrast Blackwood’s understanding that there is “no natural freedom of will” [after the Fall into sin, I assume] and his understanding of irresistible grace [“as paper can make no resistance, no more can man’s will’] with his gospel pleadings to sinners. In our view these gospel pleadings are not contrasted against nor contradictory to what you term “Dortian precepts,” because our urging sinners to repent and trust in Christ is the very means that God has chosen to use as the vehicle for His grace in granting freedom to the will and in drawing sinners to Himself. This is actually in accordance with the Canons of Dort: Article 3 under the first head of doctrine, Article 5 under the second head, and Article 17 under the third and fourth head.

    With sincere respect,

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