Timmy Brister dialogue with Dr. Steve Lemke

Day before yesterday Timmy Brister, a former SBF blogger and friend of this site, began posting a response to an article by Dr. Steve Lemke, provost of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. (Dr. Lemke is one of the scheduled speakers at the upcoming anti-Calvinist John 3:16 Conference.) Brister asserts that Lemke has misrepresented Calvinism, specifically in relation to how it effects the Southern Baptist Convention. Brister’s blogpost, titled “Steve Lemke and Christian Scholarship” [found HERE], became especially interesting as Dr. Lemke actually commented in the meta of the post. Hopefully, the interaction between Brister and Dr. Lemke will continue, with growth in grace experienced by all involved. Everyone reading this post is encouraged to click on the link above and to take part in the discussion.

-Andrew Lindsey

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One Comment on “Timmy Brister dialogue with Dr. Steve Lemke”

  1. Churchy Says:

    I’m so tired of ‘non-calvinists’ being dishonest in their representation of reformed theology…especially from professors, seminary presidents and elders of churches.

    I haven’t read the whole ‘correspondance’ with Dr. Lemke yet; but his rebuttal of Calvinism’s ‘total depravity’ uses some interesting hermeneutical gymnastics when talking about being ‘dead’. Sounds alot like Dave Hunt’s response concerning this issue as well.

    I’m not sure I’ll even listen to the “John 3:16” conference; – it will just be more of the same.

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