Assessment Of and Conversation About John 3:16 Conference Starting Tomorrow

In my live-blogging of the John 3:16 Conference for my intention was to give readers an accurate sense of what was said at the Conference. Until now, I have offered little in the way of an assessment (and virtually no argument) concerning what was said at the Conference. Further posts on the John 3:16 Conference here have been delayed by personal and academic hardship that I have faced. Starting tomorrow, I hope to address some things that were said at the John 3:16 Conference and to encourage discussion about these issues on this blog.

On supposed inaccuracies in my live-blogging

At least one fairly well-known non-Calvinist SBC blogger has accused me of misrepresenting what was said at the Conference. If he or anyone else would like to point out specific misrepresentations, I will be happy to correct them- as I wrote above, I have strived for accuracy.

On the other hand, I have received what amounts to some mild criticism that I under-reported controversial aspects of some presentations. Those who have heard CDs from the Conference have felt that some speakers spoke in a more aggressive manner and even said some more incendiary things than what was represented in my posts. I take this criticism seriously as well, and would like to explain: First, “tone” is hard to convey in written form and one’s perception of a speaker’s tone can be very subjective, so I made little if any comment on such things; Second, I am a fairly slow typer, and did not want to bring any unfair criticism upon any speaker- therefore, there were certainly a couple of times at the Conference where a speaker said something and I thought, “Did he just say what I think he said?” but before I could process what I’d heard, the speaker was articulating another point. Not wanting to misrepresent what was said, I would skip it. If any reader who has listened to CDs of the Conference would like to add comments about things I missed in this way I would be happy to read your response in the meta of this blogpost.

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One Comment on “Assessment Of and Conversation About John 3:16 Conference Starting Tomorrow”

  1. Darrin Says:

    I hope you are well and are experiencing God’s grace through any recent difficulties. I intended to get some posts up already about a few other sermons recently pointed out, but have also been delayed.
    I appreciate your fairness and openess in your work and your striving to present biblical truth in a decent yet uncompromising way. I’m looking forward to your further posts.
    To God be the glory.

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