Bibles for Tuva

A slight change of topic here.  Back in 2007 this site posted a reference to the missionary endeavor of the Slawson family in Russia HERE. Tom Slawson is yet another whacky Calvinist who is nevertheless devoted to missions. 🙂

Anyway, recently at his Tominthebox News Network (“religious satire” blog), Tom posted info about a current effort he is involved with HERE. The Bible is being translated into Tuvan, the language of this small region of Russia, and the hope is to put a copy of scripture into each household in the region.

You can also get info from his ministry blog HERE, and his wife Cristy also has a blog HERE

So visit, pray and contribute to this ministry as you are led. And be encouraged about what God is doing.

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One Comment on “Bibles for Tuva”

  1. Thanks so much for your faithfulness in posting this, Darrin. I had meant to do so a couple of days ago, but then it slipped my mind.


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