Support the Africa Center for Apologetics Research

John Divito, a graduate of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary who formerly managed a blog called the Reformed Baptist Thinker, is working to begin a ministry to confront and evangelize cult members and those influenced by them in East Africa. John and his family plan to move to Uganda where John will teach apologetics at Kampala Evangelical School of Theology; from there, John will direct the Africa Center for Apologetics Research, providing training and resources to ministers throughout East Africa. [Learn more about the Africa Center for Apologetics Research at the AC|FAR website and blog.]

Anyone who has been interested in the material posted on Strange should be all the more interested in supporting the work of AC|FAR for at least two reasons:

1. The cause of Truth. At Strange BaptistFire we have been primarily focused on responding to attacks on the Doctrines of Grace, commonly called Calvinism, within Baptist circles. This is because we believe that the Doctrines of Grace are clearly taught in Scripture and that deviating from these doctrines can lead into grave error; indeed, if left unchecked, departures from the Doctrines of Grace may lead to a repudiation of key gospel truths, as seen throughout history since the Reformation.

Most of the doctrinal controversies we have addressed, however, do not involve heresy versus orthodoxy. In other words, while I believe that the speakers at the John 3:16 Conference (for example) are incorrect in their views (and, in many cases, dangerously so), I would not label them “heretics.”

On the other hand, AC|FAR will be addressing heretical movements which are actively spreading anti-gospel lies throughout East Africa. These movements are a real threat to evangelism in this region. As hard as it is to reach people with the gospel when they have been raised in an Islamic or animistic culture, it is much harder to reach them when they have already been won over to a “Christian gospel” that actually distorts key doctrines of the Christian faith. We who love the Truth should be eager to support a work that seeks to respond to heresies and to proclaim the truth of the gospel to those who have been caught in a web of lies.

2. The opportunity to support a Reformed Baptist missionary. Those of us who have been convinced of a Reformed (or Calvinistic) view regarding soteriology are well aware of the charge from anti-Calvinists that Calvinism is a detriment to evangelism and missions. Whereas we can respond to such critics through an appeal to history or theology, the more effective response is to become ever more diligent in personal involvement with evangelism and missions. We can become daily involved in such efforts at our workplaces, but we must also look to God’s work overseas in spreading His kingdom throughout the earth. If we are not able to go overseas ourselves, we must look for ways to support others in world evangelism.

And so I urge readers to prayerfully consider supporting John Divito and the work of AC|FAR. You can donate to this ministry HERE.

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