President Johnny Hunt: Friend to the Reformed in the SBC?

Speaking at the Founders Breakfast previous to this year’s Southern Baptist Convention, Dr. Danny Akin, president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and personal friend of SBC President Johnny Hunt, asserted that Hunt (who he recognized as previously guilty of slandering the Reformed position) has become more friendly to those with Reformed convictions and to Reformed soteriology itself in the past couple of years, largely due to Hunt reading Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology. (Dr. Akin explained the fact that First Baptist Church Woodstock, which Hunt pastors, hosted the anti-Calvinist “John 3:16 Conference” in light of the fact that the Conference was hosted by FBC Woodstock member Jerry Vines, and was planned long in advance.)

One piece of evidence that may tend to support Dr. Akin’s assertion of Hunt’s greater friendliness to the Reformed soteriological position may be found in the Strange BaptistFire article, “A very ‘Calvinistic’ sermon from SBC President Johnny Hunt,” which is the fifth-most viewed post of all time from this blog. I encourage readers to view that post and to listen to the sermon linked on that post and to consider whether those with Reformed convictions may indeed be encouraged by Johnny Hunt’s leadership in the SBC.

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2 Comments on “President Johnny Hunt: Friend to the Reformed in the SBC?”

  1. Nathan White Says:

    Indeed, Mr. Hunt is becoming more ‘friendly’ to Calvinistic theology. I have some friends who tell me that he is reading systematic theologies, dialoging with Founders’ guys, and genuinely open to learning/correction in that area. He recognizes that there has been a dangerous lack of attention to theology within the SBC as a whole. Very encouraging news.

    From my perspective, however, in being close to many who are within his church, I believe that there is a long road of reformation needed there, and by God’s grace I hope that Hunt’s humility, willingness to learn, and study of theology will serve as one of the first steps in a foundational reformation there at Woodstock.

  2. strangebaptistfire Says:


    Thank you so much for your comment! I honestly was just raising the issue, without knowing the details you mentioned, and so it is good to see more encouraging news along these lines.


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