O’Reilly on Calvinism

It seems whatever the forum or topic, John Calvin gets a bad rap. Listen starting around 2:00, but particularly at about 2:45.

O’Reilly says he’s coming from a Roman Catholic perspective here, but I’m thinking he sounds like a Baptist.

Seriously, though, it seems he only muddies the waters here. Man’s will is free only to the extent that it is compatible with his nature. This is biblical and logical, as is the fact that God is sovereign over all things that come to pass, no matter how good or bad they are esteemed in our perspective. These truths need not lead to fatalism, but rather, as with so many who have embraced them throughout history, glad obedience to Him, as they understood that He has ordained the means as well as the ends.

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14 Comments on “O’Reilly on Calvinism”

  1. Howard Says:

    I love how everyone thinks they know what Calvinism is. Then again, perhaps men are not really saying Calvinism in any historical sense, they are just using it as a term to describe a popular notion. There is no desire to argue what Calvin really believed. Being the pragmatist that he is, I bet he is doing the popular thing.

  2. Darrin Says:

    I agree with you, Howard. The problem is, when they attack their concept of “calvinism”, it implicates, and thus attacks, the real historic doctrines as well as those of us who hold to them.

    Couple more notes on the clip:
    1) Interesting to see Bill’s reasoning around the sovereignty/free will issue, with such words as God has a plan, but you can disrupt that plan. Not unfamiliar hand-waving, even in Protestant circles.
    2) He claims that this woman is “coming from a Calvinistic perspective” in this debate, but I have a hunch, from what little I know of her, that she comes from no such place.
    3) She mentioned that Pastor Warren is a good friend of hers, and that his “Purpose Driven Life” has sold more copies in English than anything besides the Bible. This last point is hard to grasp, especially considering all the great English Christian literature published throughout the last four centuries.

    • thomastwitchell Says:


      If you follow the link this site doesn’t even mention Warren’s book among the most sold books in English.

      O’Reilly, the Roman Catholic, doesn’t even know what it teaches. He’s a pop icon who has grown rich off of what is common knowledge or second-hand sourcing. When it comes to scholarship he thinks it is the name of a cruise liner. The main tool in his grip is attaching himself to others’ research. When he speaks ex O’Reilly, he’s like Obama when his telepromter crashes- a stumbling, bumbling, fumbling mannequin who we then can see is just a talking head.


      You are right he sounds like most Baptists or like Cotton in Pirates of the Carribean.

      It is interesting, O’Reilly says that evil can intrude in a persons life and make a person do things, but God can’t.

      Warren claims to be reformed and he is about as far away from reformed as they come. So this woman is about as dense as O’Reilly when it comes to the Christian faith. O’Reilly’s concept of an “active” God is like Al Gore’s view of the everchanging Constitution. God is maleable and growing in knowledge, never sure, and like Al Gore’s living constitution, God constitutes nothing. This woman thinks RW means it when he says “It’s not about you.” Rick gives ninety-percent of what he earns. Great! If he didn’t the Government would seize it in taxes. He gives what he does so he can keep what he does. He is as phony as the day is long. If he really wants to impress the people with blowing his own horn, let him give it all except an average salary, paid to him by his church, and let him have nothing to do with the financial structuring of it. My guess is this, his name is listed as the sole agent of incorporation in their charter. What a pig and what an admission of idiocy for anyone to “love” him in an almost devotional way like this woman does.

      Palin is a dweeb, theologically, for sure. His Pentecostal background is in everyway like O’Reilly’s RC with its semi-Pelagianism. I haven’t read the book, but I doubt it has much to say toward controversial Christian theology, anyway.

      Hopefully, if she is elected (brother there is nothing like the fury of a woman spurned), she won’t be stupid enough to open her mouth to expound on that of which she knows nothing, e.g. theology.

      The best thing that could happen where O’Reilly is concerned is that he would simply shutup when he speaks off script and stick to the teleprompter as written for him by his handlers. The best his managers can do for him is to not bring on board people less informed than he. Although, when they do it makes O’Reilly appear half educated.

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  4. John Says:

    Bill O’Reilly comes across as quite arrogant every time I hear him.

  5. JasonMcPhetridge Says:

    “Everybody’s faith is personal” and I don’t question someobody’s faith people say… They just don’t understand either something is truth, or not. There cannot be a “we’re all right, it’s ok”!! Somebody is right and somebody is wrong. Everybody cannot be right. / p.s. Some of you have really un-Christlike attitudes. – Please beware brothers, “knowledge puffs up”. You never know when a non-Christian may read this .

  6. Darrin Says:

    Thanks, Jason. Good points.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  7. Josh Says:

    It’s so comforting knowing that we can DISRUPT God’s plan…….

  8. iMark Says:

    O’Really? 🙂 He never claimed to be a theologian, but he does come across as a know it all at times. Someone should send him a bold fresh taste of Calvinist theology.

  9. Darrin Says:

    Josh, yes that is quite disturbing. I suppose we might be better off subject to the astrological signs than to the whims of man. Either way God is not sovereign.

    Good one, Mark. I was thinking of offering Bill a free copy of Institutes.

  10. Pip Says:


    Why did Calvin baptize babies?

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