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The English Baptists of the 17th Century Audio

October 1, 2008

One vital part of battling the “strange fire” (i.e., ideas contrary to the Bible) within Baptist circles is for Baptists to become more aware of our history, that we may emulate the good and avoid the bad from those who have gone before us.

On August 25-26 The Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies held a conference on “The English Baptists of the 17th Century.” The Andrew Fuller Center has made the audio for this conference available HERE. I have greatly enjoyed the presentations I’ve listened to so far (though I found Dr. Malcolm Yarnell’s evaluation of the relationship of early English Baptist Christopher Blackwood to the doctrines of Calvinism to be confused, at best). For Baptists today, I see great lessons to be learned (to give one example) in the ecclesiology of John Spilsbury and warnings to be taken from areas such as the eschatology of Hanserd Knollys, who speculated at the date of the onset of the millenium, according to his post-millenial understanding of Revelation.

I encourage everyone reading this post to listen carefully to the conference presentations found in the link above.


New Resource for Those Seeking to Understand Reformed View of Soteriology: Grace Gate

September 18, 2008

I’ve recently been made aware of Grace Gate, a site that collects resources from some highly respected Bible teachers, in which some of “theologies toughest questions” are examined through exposition of Bible texts. This site seeks to present readers with a thoroughly God-centered view of the divine work of salvation. While other sites, such as, already present a vast array of resources on this topic, the distinction of Grace Gate is that it presents materials in a systematic way, through a number of lessons beginning with “A High View of Scripture.” The lessons are very focused, insightful, and utilize a good number of audio and video clips. Readers are encouraged to visit Grace Gate HERE.

“Joel Osteen: A Case Study in American Religion:” 01/20/08 broadcast of The White Horse Inn

January 28, 2008

A week ago yesterday, The White Horse Inn broadcast a program titled, “Joel Osteen: A Case Study in American Religion,” examining the teachings of Joel Osteen. (You can listen to the broadcast HERE.) In a previous post on statements by Joel Osteen, one commenter noted: “The SBC though needs to take care of the motes in our own eyes before worrying about Joel’s Log.” While I think that this is a healthy reaction- and I think that each one of us should examine how we might tend to neglect biblical teachings on sin and the Cross of Christ (as does Osteen) in our own conversations- I also think that it is important that Christians be knowledgeable about Osteen’s teaching and a biblical response to his teaching, as he has such a wide influence through his best-selling books and as the pastor of the largest “church” in America.

My Chronological Compliation of the Calvinism Controversy in the SBC

May 28, 2007

It’s a work in progress, I know.  But I thought this might provide a little historical perspective and why SBF exists today.  To download a PDF of my research go here

This project is ongong, so if you have any information, articles, or research that could help fill in any gaps in my chronology, please let me know.  And those of you who take a look at it, let me know what you think.